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EUROPE june 15-july 3

ROME : 16-18
VENICE: 21-22
ZERMATT: 23-24
NICE: 26-27
PARIS: 30-2

ciao ciao, darlings.

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someone once told me when i want to kill someone with words, to wait at least 10 minutes before saying something. by waiting, it allows you to breathe and release bad energy..

well, ive waited

& i'm done tip toeing around how i feel
hearing you tell me how much i meant to you was the biggest lie i've ever heard in my life

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It's always in the back of my mind
There are reminders everywhere
pictures here
letters there
all reminding me of you

I know it's a long time away
But you're the only thing keeping me going right now
& I cannot wait to be in your embrace again
even if only for a second

that's all i need right now

every night i try so desperately to keep my eyes open for as long as i can
just in case you call
& each morning i wake up
anxiously checking my voicemail

i feel helpless in the situation
but i'll stick it through
this feeling isnt leaving anytime soon

ps. happy eighteenth birthday to me.

If I could have my way

If I could have my way, for just once..

For my Birthday, I wish I could have a day to myself. A full 24 hours of whatever I wanted. I would stop time & never let it reset itself.

to be honest

i really feel like my mind is wandering away
& i don't exsist anymore

i'm going to start songwriting to pass the time

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